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Agorà for Antolini | 2015

A marbellous fairground experience

Antolini, a prominent and established marble producer of Italy, through the curation of Giulio Cappellini, commissioned the studio to create an experiential presentation in the main fairgrounds, for the occasion of the important Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. Inspired by the amphitheaters and the Agorà of ancient Greek city-states: the center of athletic, artistic, spiritual and political life of the city, this installation not only suggests the grand interior architectural scales of which the beautiful Antolini marbles can be appreciated but also a shared space, where conviviality, conversation and exchange of ideas are encouraged.


The key feature of this installation is the marble stair that rises from the far-sides of the, in the context of a hectic furniture fair, uncommon resplendent open space. Fair visitors stop in their tracks to admire the Agorà installation, naturally posing and snapping away on their mobile devices, and some intuitively stepping into the space and resting on the exquisite marble steps.

Space is furnished with custom-designed hand-sewn leather seat pads, side-tables and plant pots that fit exactly on this architectural space-traversing device.
Sitting on the steps naturally softens hierarchy and induces a casual atmosphere where true, sincere and natural interaction can happen and enabled.


The marble in this format, then goes beyond its typical architectural function of visuality, into that of gestures, rituals and behaviours.

During the week-long fair, there were periodical performances from artists that enthralled the erstwhile audience that was drawn to the steps and sat upon them, while appreciating the exquisite marbles that only Antolini has exclusive access to, in a new sublime manner.