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Living Vase 01 NFT for Vogue Singapore | 2021

An impossible living & digital NFT artefact

An impossible living artefact, a vase made from alien flowers, waiting to be discovered in an otherworldly
dune landscape.
The flowers bud from nothingness, synchronised to its sun’s journey across the sky, reaching full bloom at high noon. 784 metallic pink flowers then scatter their 4704 petals into the digital wind, a Memento Mori, a riotous celebration of their brief existence, as dusk succumbs to night.
With the flowers’ disintegration, the vase ceases to exist and will only regenerate when the sun rises again over the desert landscape.
This cycle then repeats itself, ad infinitum, an analogue of Nature’s ability to be reborn time and again.

The vase archetype is a snapshot of a culture in time; the state of culture, craft, and technology is captured. From ancient Greece, to the Ming Dynasty to this vase, that can only exist because of the current state and advancement of the digital landscape.

This vase is crafted from the impossible matter of concept and narrative, an expression of infinite digital possibilities.

Click here to read the full story and our interview on Vogue


Vases of antiquity are precious collectibles because ceramics bestow them with fragile permanence.
In Living Vase 01, its preciousness comes from being a unique digital asset in a sea of countless many, while its permanence is ensured by being part of a blockchain, forever.

Living Vase 01 was created for the Vogue Singapore as their September issue’s Artist-in-Residence.

The worldwide theme for this issue was “New Beginnings” and Living Vase 01 responds succinctly to this.
Living Vase 01 is a part of the Vogue NFT collection which also includes 12 works by Chad Knight, Baëlf Design, The Fabricant, Shavonne Wong, Dain Yoon and Olivier Rousteing from Balmain.


On the 10th of November 2021, this limited edition of 30 has been purchasable during an exclusive sales on OpenSea and it went sold out in a few days!

A multi-edition NFT collectible, 784 to be exact, “One Flower from Living Vase 01″ was also on sale.