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Architrame for l'Opificio | 2019

Fabrics that enhance the details of the jacquard texture through a game of fantastic architectures

It is Aby Warburg, one of the fathers of the contemporary art critic, that had the idea of western art and architecture as an endless repetition; a theory for which it is in the detail that symbols are hidden; and it is in details that connections, contaminations and relations can be found.
Since our childhood textiles have attracted us. So, when Paola & Barbara, CEO and Art Director of l’Opificio asked us to design a new collection to be woven with jacquard looms – not printed patterns, but woven with weft and warp – we immediately accepted joyfully.


It’s a work that enhances the detail and the senses of the detail: rich and inspiring surfaces that dress our houses, surfaces that talk about a three-dimensional narrative alike the story-telling of fantastic architecture, whose softness lights the haptic and caressing.


It is a game of perception where each pattern takes the role of a fundamental architectonical shape – staircases, windows, walls and towers – as a magic lantern screening. As it happens during a dream, looking closer to the pattern, the hidden magic is unveiled through the story told by the details of what it is and it is not, of what seems and could be…..and in the fairy tales and play, as in the dreams of a sleeping kid.

A delicate and gentle game of appearance where the knowledgeable use of materials, colours and finishing makes the architectural three-dimensional effect more evident.