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PLAYplay for Journey East | 2016 & 2017

A fun, bold and colourful furniture collection proudly made of New Southeast Asia

New Southeast Asia, new market opportunities

We were approached by Journey East to create their debut self-branded and produced furniture collection that would extend their product offerings into the growing young homeowners market.

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Research-driven design

Using quantitative & qualitative research we identified an opportunity for a product line that worked together as a cohesive range, felt playful and fun, that drew from Journey East’s brand personality and would also address the contemporary lifestyle wants in Asian city apartments.

Furniture is lifestyle-support

By understanding the desired lifestyles and rituals, while considering the expressionistic spirit the target market wanted to bring into their living spaces, each furniture piece in this collection is imbued with a surprise hidden function that offers playful practicality.


Working closely with the brand & manufacturing partners

Throughout the conceptualization, design development and design for production processes, we worked closely with Journey East to ensure that the designs resonated with their marketing, business & commercial intents. We also worked directly with our Indonesian manufacturing partners to resolve & refine technical challenges in innovative and cost-effective ways.


The PLAYplay collection is inspired by the rich visual culture of Southeast Asia.


Pong Table & Ping Benches

Pong has hidden drawers that stow away your laptop for mealtime & also have an impromptu game of Ping-pong.
The Scandinavian-Retro inspirations of PONG are also complemented by laminated wood layering on the table legs, inspired by the details of a classic table tennis bat.
Ping is a sturdy wheeled bench crafted from solid mahogany and is the perfect complement to the Pong dining table with its laminated wood layering.

Accordion Console

It’s a console that has been designed with a striking lenticular effect vibrant colour from one angle, beautiful wood grain from the other.


Hamburger Coffee Tables

A coffee table family that allows you to take its top surface off to use it as a secondary surface when more friends arrive.

Bazaar Display Desk

A desk that is an amalgamation of work and your possessions. On one side, it’s a desk while on the other, a shelf that doubles as a privacy partition.


Polqa Sofa

A sofa that has swivel tables at the end of its armrests to lay your reading or refreshment on, to free up space otherwise for side tables.

Gridlock Shelves &amp Console

The inventive Gridlock Shelves and Console are designed to make it seem as if two separate forms have collided and coalesced. Although the pieces are solid constructions, the designers have used the contrast of wood grain and coloured surfaces to mark out where the frames intersect, providing the illusion of objects in motion.


Rail Console

The low Rail Console features two front sliding panels clad with wooden strips, which alternate with the coloured surface underneath, to create tactility and dimension. This treatment echoes the lenticular effect of the Accordion console in the first collection but here the linearity is tilted to produce decorative symmetry between the two panels.

Rail Desk & Side Console

The Rail Desk and Rail Side Console also benefit from the semblance of lightness and transparency provided by the slim metal piping. These minimalist pieces look great from any angle and are versatile enough to serve a variety of purposes. The side console is slimmer and taller than the desk but can also be used as an occasional worktop. Use the tables also to display styled vignettes, family mementoes, or as handy hallway surfaces.
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