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Nena for Zanotta | 2020

A chair with a strong character, dynamic and in motion

“We started from the comfort of a hug to design this armchair that fits perfectly as a dinner chair or for a relaxed conviviality around the table thereafter.
An object born from an investigation into comfort, which reinterprets the typical female characteristics of balance, softness and dynamism.”


The language of the volumes sculpted in the foam is soft and enveloping but at the same time refined and tailored. The ridge seam detail that traverses across the textile backrest gives the chair its iconic and strong presence.

The design is focused on comfort, expressed in an eclectic language of soft, welcoming volumes and tailored fabrics which define the detail of their shapes.

It’s a project that interprets the feeling of wellbeing of the embrace, placing comfort at the centre, in the search for detail and a new textile expression.

Ideal for both residential and contract applications, Nena offers a strong visual impact, characterised by the contrast between the light frame and the ample volumes of the cushions.


It has a removable cover in leather or fabric thanks to the zip concealed by a rouche that outlines the elegant roundness of the backrest.

“Nena” is the nickname Francesca’s little daughter Nina, gave herself, when asked “What is your name?”.

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