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Picchio for WoodyZoody | 2016

Wooden toy and desk objects with a woodpecker spin top

PICCHIO is a solid wood toy to be placed on work and display surfaces not only as a playful ornament but also as a delightful spinning top.
You only need to remove the Picchio (woodpecker) from the Tree and with a deft flick of fingers, spins across the surface. PICCHIO is made from solid olive wood in Italy by respected artisans, for the Italian brand Woodyzoody



Woodyzoody was born from an idea of Giulio Iacchetti and it presents itself as a small wood animal publisher; it is the result of the challenge that 12 designers have decided to pick participating in this coral project; here opinions and ideas have been shared to give birth to the first collection of animals: the chick, the platypus, the chicken, the hippopotamus, the sperm whale, the beaver, the toucan, the woodpecker, the fox, the octopus, the ray and the ostrich. The Woodyzoody animals have been created following a personal and aesthetic research by each designer and they all have one common element: every piece is turned and then worked by the numerical control machine. These animals are little design objects, a result of formal synthesis and abstraction, that tickle the dreams of those who haven’t forgotten the sweet taste of childhood. The chosen woods for the collection come from different parts of the world: from Europe to Oceania through North and South America; every animal is associated with the wood of his native continent, so that the eye, the touch and the sense of smell perceive different suggestions and feelings. The first Woodyzoody collection is a project realized together with: Federico Angi, Giorgio Biscaro, Francesco Faccin, Odo Fioravanti, Giulio Iacchetti, Elia Mangia, Giacomo Moor, Lanzavecchia&Wai, Lorenz+Kaz, Lorenzo Palmeri, Matteo Ragni, Paolo Ulian.