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Scribble for De Castelli | 2017

A family of tables that celebrate metal craftsmanship

All that glitters ain’t gold… it could be copper, brass or iron. This coffee tables collection aims to celebrate the beauties of De Castelli finishes.
Precious materials that express themselves through distinctive oxidations combined with a minimal drawing.


The final aim of this project is showing the feminine and elegant soul of metal. Like essential and soft lines drawn by a paintbrush, these shapes create a sort of dance and suddenly turn into table tops ready to be used for elegant and vibrant compositions.
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Tracing Identity, curated by Evelina Bazzo|Umbrella

For Salone del Mobile 2017 De Castelli presents TRACING IDENTITY, a project that involves seven female designers, different one from the other for age, origins and approach, who have created a collection of metal furniture characterized by a strong emotional allure. Alessandra Baldereschi, Nathalie Dewez, Constance Guisset, Francesca Lanzavecchia, Donata Paruccini, Elena Salmistraro, Nika Zupanc have given value to metal and its potential, enhancing De Castelli finishes with empathic and narrative projects. De Castelli invited a group of female designers with strong interpretive and intimate visions for creating a special collection of interior elements, able to dispel the myth that metal is cold, uncommunicative and strictly linked to male nature. Each piece has a precise use and a strong volumetric presence. The seven designers worked enthusiastically at De Castelli production site, together with skilled workers and innovative technologies. Tracing Identity is a challenging project that is presented also by a video. It will be the central issue of a publication and of an open debate already scheduled for June 2017, both involving the special contribution of some design experts and of the design network.