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Equilibrio for "White Flag" - Triennale di Milano | 2016

A discursive piece to represent surrendering and the need for dialogue

Two utopias come together in this piece, conflicting but united and supported by the same structure. These white flags, which stare at each other unflinchingly in a tangible tension, represent the objectification of a moment when one is forced to suspend judgement. The hope is that this may not be just a moment of suspension, reflection and dialogue, but that this suspension of utopia and judgement can give rise to real action.

Lanzavecchia_White Flag_equilibrio

When the truce is broken, an absence of flags means that instability returns to the two conflicting sides. A return to equilibrium can now only occur if there is real cooperation between the opposing parties, who need to seize the initiative and act together.

Equilibrium is a celebration of sharing, a dance in search of ethereality, harmony and cooperation. It is a hope for our tomorrow.

Lanzavecchia_White Flag_equilibrio-Gianluca-Di-Ioia

White Flag – curated by S. Annichiarico & G. Camuffo

Triennale Design Museum represents Italy on the occasion of London Design Biennale 2016 with the installation White Flag, curated by Silvana Annicchiarico and Giorgio Camuffo.
The theme of the first edition of the London Design Biennale is Utopia by Design which celebrates the 500th anniversary of the publication of Sir Thomas More’s classic, Utopia (1516).
The exhibition runs for 20 days and 20 Italian designers have been chosen for it. Each one has been asked to design a white flag, filling it with symbols, signs and meaning to convey the value of a surrender, of a truce, a contemporary metaphor of utopia, according to the curators: not a form of construction, but rather an act of deconstruction. On the first day, the 20 flags will be planted on a suitably redesigned map of the world: flags fluttering and moving in the breeze. But this truce, like all others, is delicate and fragile, limited in time.
This is why one flag will disappear each day and, in its place, there will be an object chosen or designed by the designer.
An object as a kind of offering, or gift, in a symbolic exchange.
Pointing a way, showing how restitution can be made in a concrete manner, pointing the way to the world and to design. A constantly evolving installation. In the end, there will be no white flags left but just a landscape of objects.
A sort of offertory brought about in a time of truce.