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A Voyage in Lightness for Samsonite | 2011

A shop installation to highlight the product lightness

The innovative Curv® material, used exclusively by SAMSONITE® for luggage, is interpreted in a poetic way through an original installation conceived for the Milan Design Week 2011. Lanzavecchia + Wai translate the concept of weightlessness, giving form to an idea of lightness expressed in a design of fluid and flexible geometry typical of their style.


The inspiration comes from water in its suspended droplet form when, challenging the force of gravity, it modifies its shape progressively and elastically, while also alluding to the permanence and durability of this liquid element.
The composed space of this setup is occupied by a series of suspended containers that only partially reveal their contents.

Those are detached from the ground to evoke the lightness of spirit, and to be interpreted as a representation of awareness achieved through subtraction of weight.
The designers create an impression of stylized droplets hanging down from the top surface of display cases through the use of polygonal frames dressed with coloured Lycra fabrics covering a selection of cases in the Cubelite range that will be launched for the first time in Italy on this occasion.


The implicit sense of the creative gesture is a lightening of “life’s baggage”, overcoming the force of gravity through the unique properties of an innovative material.