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Collector's Case for Globe-Trotter / Wallpaper* Handmade | 2019

A hand-crafted luggage with delightful expandability that always has space for artefacts picked up along the journey

“The Collector’s Case” is inspired the spectacle and grandeur of late-19th-century inter-continental exploration, discovery and systematic acquisition of exotic cultural and natural artifacts. This is in contrast to the more homogenized product and experience landscape of the contemporary travel industry. We designed a bespoke luggage for the romantic traveller and avid collector of authentic experiences and treasured artifacts.
A handsome and well-crafted briefcase whose true intent and function is hinted at by a golden handcuff-on-a-chain and a foil-stamped luggage tag booklet proclaiming “The Things I Love”.
As the traveller-collector progresses on his journey, the navy leather straps loosen and fasten onto the next eyelet, and the next, to reveal a concertina “bellow” of multi-coloured Italian calf leather, that expands to a generous depth of 60 centimetres; from a compact smart luggage into an eye-catching voluminous one.


Produced by Globe-Trotter

“The Collector’s Case” embodies all the invaluable manufacturing and material heritage of Globe-Trotter. It is made from Vulcanised Fibreboard which is Globe- Trotter’s core material and the ‘DNA’ of the brand. This unique material is made from 14 layers of compressed recycled paper, cotton and wood pulp sourced from sustainable forests. It was invented in 1859 by Englishman Thomas Taylor and was patented by Globe-Trotter in 1902.
The main body of the case has been beautifully crafted into a concertina ‘bellow’ from Italian soft calf using 12 different colours to create a rainbow effect when stretched to full capacity.


The rest of “The Collector’s Case” has been trimmed using Globe-Trotter’s iconic Vegetable tanned leather corners, strap guides, shoulder strap and belts with additional gold padlock and hardware.
The front and back panels have been manufactured using Globe-Trotter’s traditional method of blunt-edge cutting on a Victorian guillotine followed by the leather corners that are moulded on Victorian presses over a period of five days before being riveted onto the board. The leather trim is cut and inked and also applied by rivets. The leather pieces for the concertina are cut, skived, lined with coated linen and sewn together, colour by colour.

Hand crafted luggage
Hand crafted luggage
Hand crafted luggage

For Wallpaper* Handmade 2019: Love
Wallpaper* Handmade is in its tenth year and emotions are running high.
So overwhelmingly warm and fuzzy-feeling are we that this anniversary edition is a celebration of love in its infinite variety. Heart-swelling tools, tokens and totems of affection have been co-created by marrying the brightest and best designers, artists and architects with the finest craftsmen, makers and manufacturers.

For us, active self-development is a core articulation of Love towards one’s self and the key activity that is proven to facilitate this personal growth is Travelling.
New locations and situations break biases, widen world-views and enrichens personal definitions of universal concepts like Self, Love, Happiness, Kindness & Friendship.
On journeys, the Traveller carries possessions close to the heart, soul & mind to center and anchor them. The Traveller avails to new places, cultures, people and experiences and is in turn transformed into the next better version of him/herself while acquiring & collecting new artifacts and memories.

A hand-crafted luggage with delightful expandability that always has space for artefacts picked up along the journey