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Marble for Tod's | 2016

Limited edition marbellous Gommino shoes for Tod's

Leather and Marble, the exact binary opposites of each other in terms of materiality and values. One is supple and warm, the other the definition of solidity and coldness, a beautiful tension between these historically and culturally rich materials is formed.


Within this tension, we celebrate the preciousness of the heritage impeccable craftsmanship Tod’s is renowned for and the everlasting value of the moccasin archetype, rethinking it in a material for the ages.


Looking at Tod’s Leo curated by Giulio Cappellini

Looking at Tod’s Leo is a project led by renowned architect Giulio Cappellini who called upon a number of designers and architects in different fields to re-interpret Tod’s iconic accessory. Five young designers, each working in a manner specific to their area of expertise, on a project to unfold over time and be produced as a limited edition collection of the Tod’s Leo Clamp Gommino: Lanzavecchia + Wai, Leonardo Talarico, mist-o, Studio Zanellato/Bortotto and Zaven. Each of them have interpreted the iconic Leo Clamp accessory in different materials, resulting in five distinctive limited edition versions of the Tod’s Leo Clamp Gommino. The importance of the specific material used by each Designer leads to a new identity. These five projects are united by way of combining a unique material for the Leo Clamp accessory with Tod’s fine leather merging traditional techniques and craftsmanship, characteristics of Tod’s ‘Made in Italy’, with contemporary Italian creativity.