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Hack Care | Publication Giveaway for LIEN Foundation | 2020

HACK CARE - Tips and Tricks for a Dementia-friendly Home

Contrary to the common “heck care” euphemism, the Hack Care guide is borne out of the desire to show how one can care better for persons with dementia through simple hacks, or improvisations and creative ideas. Styled like an IKEA catalogue with online instruction manuals, the 240-page Hack Care presents a visual compendium of more than 50 hacks and tricks, essays and stories to make the home a friendlier place for those living with dementia and to help their caregivers cope with the daily challenges of caregiving.


The book takes a can-do, DIY approach to inspire and encourage caregivers to come up with their own hacks that are suited to their homes and personal needs.

The aim is to help keep their loved ones with dementia engaged, empowered and enabled to age in place for as long as possible.


Hack Care combines the design and research insights of Lekker Architects with the expertise of product and furniture designers from Lanzavecchia + Wai Design Studio. Professionals from Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA), Brahm Centre and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital shared their collective wisdom on the caregiving journey.


Although it is modelled after the IKEA catalogue for its familiarity and universal appeal, Hack Care is not confined to IKEA products. Instead, it presents a whole range of possibilities for caregivers that correspond to their different scales of ambition and the wide-ranging needs of persons with dementia


The book outlined 10 guiding principles to empower persons with dementia and their caregivers:

1. Let persons with dementia play an active role.
2. Encourage decision-making.
3. Affirm their sense of self.
4. Have simple conveniences within easy reach.
5. Familiarity is comforting.
6. Don’t forget the simple pleasures.
7. Simplify the environment.
8. Do things together.
9. Stay flexible and adaptable.
10. The caregiver matters.

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