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MDW 2019: Pebble tables for Living Divani | 2019

Tables shaped by sinuous flows of work, play, love & conviviality

Contemporary living space is fluid, it is a sinuous flow of activities and rituals that work, play, love & conviviality generates.
PEBBLE is shaped by these flows resulting in a familiar and organic form at the proportion and function of a living room table, an integral protagonist in the living room experience.
Following the vanity desk presented last year, the idea of Pebble expands, creating a family of small coffee tables defined by light and delicate silhouette, like stones, that privileges now a rounded layout or an elongated one.


They follow the concept that nature never repeats itself, creating something different every time. Fluid bodies that move in space, where the simplicity of the shape matches the preciousness of the materials and the precision of the execution, for sophisticatedly unique furnishings.