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U tables for LaCividina | 2019

Surfaces suspended by dynamic swathes of sheet metal bent into a perfect U

U is a collection of tables of various heights and sizes. Its main distinctive feature is a U-shaped support whose soft curves also inspired the rounded appearance of the tops. The latter come in three shapes: square or rectangular with rounded corners, and circular.


Various versions, one unique feature
All of the versions (made of 100% metal or metal and wood) come with a bent aluminium U-shaped piece. Their most striking quality is their architectural but light appearance: U tables have a monolithic feel to them but when they are viewed from another angle they have a lightweight look, with clean-cut, iconic graphic styling.

For both the contract market and the home
The tables in the U collection can be used individually or as part of a set. Their sculpturesque appearances with minimalist lines mean that they are the perfect match for all settings, in both the contract and the residential markets.