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Pop Up for ATOM | 2017

Playing with the most precise cutting machines creating pop up architectures from a flat surface

From a design on a sheet of paper to a fantastic architecture, Pop-up. Using the accuracy of Atom machines, we can enter into the world of 3-dimensions.
A game of voids and solids, doors that open and close, stairs to climb and descend.
So, a simple cardboard form usually hidden in the insole of a shoe, can come alive with the childlike amazement we experienced when we first saw castles and mountains come out from the pages of a book.


You can lose yourself in this micro-architecture, wandering through your mind in a maze of infinite solutions. We climb the 166 steps and we go together to discover the secrets that lie beyond the cuts.

Atom: The Cutting Factory curated by Giulio Iachetti & Francesca Molteni

Atom: The Cutting Factory is a design exhibition opened to the public, that showcase 12 objects of 12 designers that emphasise the atom production technologies. Atom, the Italian company leading the world in the production of cutting systems for flexible and semi-rigid materials, has given a mission to 12 designers to create objects using the Atom cutting technologies. The 12 designers and design studios, coordinated by Giulio Iacchetti and Francesca Molteni, that are involved are: 4P1B Design Studio, Federico Angi, Alessandra Baldereschi, Denise Bonapace, Agustina Bottoni, Giulio Iacchetti, Joe Velluto, Lanzavecchia + Wai, Chiara Moreschi, Lorenzo Palmeri, Studio Sovrappensiero e Martinelli Venezia Studio. All the projects explore the creating process of the product and look at the materials and interaction between them. All within a scenario that combines art, fashion, design and technology as well as aesthetics, to show the comprehensive production potential of Atom systems and solutions. The result will be an exhibition of works of design made with the several materials Atom technology can cut. The exhibition is an emotional journey to Atom world, representing the technological excellence of the company related to design. It highlights the multi-sectoral nature, versatility and wide soul of Atom.