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Transition for Mirage Spa | 2015

A new expression of porcelain stoneware tile system: of landscape, change, real and metaphorical transition

Tiles that bring you on a journey

We worked with Mirage, a global leader in porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings to create a new expression of tiles – in terms of colour palettes that reference important cultural cities traversing Italy, and of surface texture that beckons the caress of both fingers and of eyes. TRANSITION serves as a system of programmable tiles for floors and walls, to empower interior architects and designers in the creation of their way-finding, placemaking and ambience intents.


Tiles as layers of function & emotion

Key questions we asked ourselves were:

“What new differentiative but relevant values could we bring via Colour & Texture, the two main properties of stoneware tiles?”

“How could we enable smooth intuitive transition between zones & spaces?”

“Can layers of functional information, ambience zoning and visual comfort be overlaid onto interior surfaces?”

Innovation that adapts & scales

One of the key characteristics of tiling systems is their scalability; hence TRANSITION can be applied to residential & shop interiors all the way up till commercial office spaces and even large scale public projects like airports. In residential projects, the interior design can blend the boundaries as users move between living zones and even frame & create cosy gathering spots, like islands rising out of the sea.


In airports, one can fully appreciate the way-finding possibilities of our tile system; a path of lighter-coloured tiles intuitively guide passengers to their gates and experience touch-points.

Transition won the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016