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Segni for Orografie | 2021

An essential reconfigurable seating system

We lean, perch, sit, lie down and sink into our furniture with our digital extensions.
Emancipated from the safe haven of working on a desk, we tirelessly try to find comfort in ever more fluid environments.
In response to this new need, the media offers us hyper-functional products more similar to medical instruments than welcoming furniture or domestic accompaniments.

With the “Segni” project we started from scratch, tracing essential lines and angles to support and accommodate the choreography taken by our bodies.


Segni wants to be a hymn to individual comfort, freeing the user from predetermined spaces and postures, supporting new ergonomic needs for work, study, relaxation, physical activity and leisure.

They are essential furniture, five features in the domestic space that suggest gestures and positions without imposing them, ready to welcome the future body into which we will evolve.

Photo credit: Max Rommel

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We have become amphibious creatures, both digital and analog, and we need objects that mirror this complex nature, which make us understand which functions are us and which ones represent us. Orografie are objects that break through a surface, like mountains emerging from the sea, born to permit us to inhabit space, but also to teach us a different way, a sensible new order.

The designers of Orografie have observed the spontaneous use we sometimes make of furnishings, when we rediscover ourselves as builders of our own means. Designing a function and not for a function: this is what the masters taught us.
In order to design a new form you must start from a point prior to the shape itself. We must start from its function.
Thus things have been designed that accomplish functions that had not been there prior and that are now indispensable; forms not always attributed to already known categories, but which resemble us; daily friends who help us and, above all, make us feel good.

We need to implore a new devotion to the objects which surround us, because without this attention we cannot see them, feel them, love them. And this is vital, considering that good objects are like healthy trees: if preserved, they outlive us and continue the telling of a story of which we have been a part, but which is bigger than us and goes beyond the here and now.

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