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The Adventurous Geographer for Hermès Travel Retail | 2022

Fantastic window displays that drive you in an odyssey of dreamy places and marvellous creatures

Hermès, for the second year, invited us to design the shopping windows display for their principal store at Charles de Gaulle Paris Airport at Terminal 2E.
The theme of the year was Human Odyssey and we have been inspired by the tool that can drive us during an “Odyssey”: maps and cartography.
Cartography, required by all civilization to chart the geography of their territory, produces reasoned and idealized representations of the landscape in the form of maps.


It fascinates us that the whole world, our ideas and our knowledge that exists in 2D & 3D can be mapped.
Through the act of mapping and maps, we see our scales of context, culture and environment in their entirety. As a result, our understanding of our world widens and deepens at the same time.


In the windows, our maps chart fantastical realms that come to life in 4D scenographies.
We play with the grid, cartographic symbology and infographic representations in a whimsical attempt to chart and suggest a much wider imaginative realm.


Hermès products bring life to an otherwise flat world and play with the phenomena indicated in each map
In these windows the protagonist, a brave orange geographer, moves, discover, measure and explore these fictional worlds and helps the window viewer eyes to journey and surf in these imaginary worlds.


He helps the viewer’s eyes to journey and surf in these imaginary and fantastic microcosmoi: from the deeper space to the highest mountain peak passing through a stormy ocean and the freezing north pole!

The Adventurous Geographer windows series has been installed at Hermès Store Paris Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2E Hall, from December 2021 till March 2022.