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Great Little Escapes for Hermès Travel Retail | 2021

Enchanting window installations that transport you into a world of fantastic outdoor adventures

Hermès invited us to design the shopping windows display for their principal Store at Charles de Gaulle Paris Airport; it was right after the end of the two-months Lockdown in Europe during Spring 2020.
As we emerge from an extended isolation period of being indoors and having confronted the deprivation of social conviviality and activities in nature, we have a newfound appreciation for all of life’s little pleasures.

The intention is to make people dream again; when travelers traverse the airport, yearning eyes 
(and spirits) will be drawn to this series of windows that help them dream of the little escapes in nature, which has always acted as a balm for the soul.


Four different scenarios have been developed, one for each shopping window.
A secret tropical beach reachable only by canoe welcomes the visitors with a huge sandcastle full of hidden treasure.

Can you find them all?


Enjoy the bucket-list trip in a camper van across the country: a fantasy vehicle capable of dispersing plants and leaves along the way! Where it will bring you?


A canoe down the river recalling Huckleberry Finn, a childhood nugget of memory buried deep but unearthed again. What adventures lie downstream?


A hiking trip in the vast nature, familiarizing & re-calibrating our senses to the scale we are meant to be in, beyond the walls of our apartments.
 Are you able to reach the top?

Great Little Escape windows series has been installed at Hermès Store Paris Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2E Hall, from December 2020 till April 2021.