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Ola for CoinCasa | 2017

Tropical Murano mouth-blown glass tableware

Fascinated by two old murano glass-blowing techniques, namely “balloton” and “rigadin”, we designed tableware with fluid geometries which create details on the glass evoking the natural surfaces of fruit, plants and sea waves.
Ola is a table set characterised by an elegant tropical spirit, composing of a glass and a carafe which can also be used as a vase.


The details of the surface created thanks to the “balloton” and “rigadin” techniques transform the glasses into tropical fruits and the carafe into the trunk of a palm tree thanks to the geometric waves.
As any other Murano glass, no jug or glass will be equal to another one. It is, in fact, impossible to check the results of the manufacturing observing the marks left by the bronze mould before blowing the jug and the glass inside the pear-shaped mould that will give them the ultimate shape.


BEST OF ITALY, Murano district

“BEST OF ITALY” is a project by CoinCasa & ElleDecor Italia that promotes the Italian handicraft tradition. It is a journey to understand the value of Italian district culture, made of unique craftsmen processing noble and natural materials, in collaboration with young Italian talents to whom Coincasa entrusted the creation of a capsule collection of objects. The journey begins in Laguna. Starting with a collection in Murano glass designed by LANZAVECCHIA+WAI, MATTEO CIBIC, ZANELLATO/ BORTOTTO who have interpreted the style of Coincasa with three lines of glasses and carafes.

glass tablewear L + W Product Design Consultancy
glass tablewear L + W Product Design Consultancy
glass tablewear L + W Product Design Consultancy