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Rhizaria & Biophilia for .Exnovo | 2013

3D print and Murano Glass in one lamp

Rhizaria + Biophilia are two lamps commissioned by Trento-based 3D-professional printing company .exnovo, for the launch of Design-Apart NYC, a space showcasing the best of Italian bespoke design, in which advanced technologies and ancient traditions are integrated.

BIOPHILIA 002720x480


Hanging lamp, made of sintered polymer, takes cues from its growth-like method of manufacture – 3D-printing – is an industrial product designed as a living organism, albeit belonging to the Plantae rather than the Animalia. Fed by its web of veins, it sprouts and grows from the light source.


Hanging and table lamp, also of sintered polymer and mouth-blown Murano glass, is inspired by the simple primordial organisms able to create tiny and complex structures, that illuminated the ocean depths and produced oxygen that eventually caused life to develop on Earth.

RHIZARIA 004720x480dffdd
BIOPHILIA 004720x480